How to leave the wife?

How to leave the wife?

Couples leave for various reasons. Someone meets on the way of other person, to someone there are in burden grown hateful relations, but it is anyway very important to leave on a positive note, many years this person was the closest and there is no wish to inflict on it strong suffering and pain. How to leave the wife it will be told in this article.

How to leave the wife without serious consequences?

First of all it is necessary to tell at once that ignoring of calls and carrying out of things quietly when there is no spouse the house – destiny weak and pants, and therefore it is necessary to be prepared for a conversation carefully. To choose suitable time and the place and it is quiet, without raising the voice and without stating claims, to announce the decision. She is bad to criticize the spouse and to speak in what it is possible only when there is a chance to keep the relations, otherwise it to anything. All subsequent tirade blessed needs to be sustained with firmness and frostily. After all, for it it is a surprise, and unpleasant, and it has the right to be uttered to facilitate for itself a stress.

The person interested to learn how it is correct to leave the wife, it is possible to recommend to promise her financial support at least initially, at the same time without humiliating its feminine and human values. Of course, if in family there are children, then it is very important to let the spouse know that they will not need anything and will be able always to count on the help and support of the father. Adequately it is possible to leave the wife as heart and own moral principles orders. After all, this person once was favourite and occupied one of the main places in life. Always it is possible to be at loss for words which would not wound the spouse and allowed to remain if not friends, then not foreign people. It is possible to advise the spouse to ask safely for the help and to try to improve as much as possible its matters after the divorce.


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