How to let it know that you love

How to let it know that you love

Often happens that the friendly relations with the young man develop into something bigger of you. At the same time often it occurs mutually, but both partners, hesitating to open the feelings, continue to communicate on the settled model. It can proceed long enough. In that case you should trying to hint the partner that you wish to change everything.


1. It would be best of all to tell, of course, everything directly. But then, most likely, it is necessary to forget about friendship regardless of whether your feelings are mutual. On the other hand, maybe, it better. Think over it.

2. You seek to spend with it much time. Emphasize in a conversation that you consider that it is possible to sacrifice free time only for people who are very dear.

3. Do not tell it about other guys with whom communicate or communicated. It is not necessary that he considered that you have someone another to whom you are not indifferent, and he is a just a friend. In general, stop to think of yourself as the girlfriend. Perhaps, your young man because of your friendly behavior hesitates to take the first step.

4. Let it know that you it is the most important for you. If he invites you at cinema, tell that were going to watch this movie with the best friend. But immediately notice that, certainly, you will go better with it.

5. Try to use a classical way to the man's heart – treat him with self-made goodies. At the same time, it can be an extra reason for a meeting alone.

6. Always sincerely rejoice when you see it. Do not do the sad look reflecting your anguish because it can be interpreted incorrectly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team