How to lighten the girl the mood by SMS?

How to lighten the girl the mood by SMS?

Girls – whimsical and gentle creations which are operated by emotions. Therefore often the men who got used to act according to common sense, but not on emotions cannot just understand mood of darling. And often it happens so that the girl was attacked by melancholy at the most inappropriate moment when the man needs urgently to run on affairs. In this situation the phrases lightening the mood in the form of SMS messages will be the excellent decision.

How to lighten the person the mood on correspondence?

Before writing something to the girl with bad mood, it is important to understand that actions have to be disinterested, i.e. you should not wait that darling will answer. It is not necessary to fill up her with a heap of questions – why you have a bad mood, why do not answer, etc., it will only aggravate a situation.

  1. Write to the girl something lovely and tender, write how you love her and every minute you think of her. Such SMS will force it to smile.
  2. Before asking a question - how to lighten the mood to the girlfriend, adjust yourself on a positive harmony, feel fresh and vigorous. If you need support, hardly at you it will turn out to lighten the mood to someone.
  3. Sincerity – here that really important in attempts to lighten the mood to the girl. Therefore, saying about how to lighten the girl the mood by SMS, you should not copy banal texts from the Internet, type - For your lovely smile, for your beautiful eyes, in the sky the angels fight, and on the earth I suffer! - your darling will understand at once, what are you doing it for tick and will fall apart even more.

What to write to the girlfriend to lighten the mood?

There is no certain template for a mood raising. Your messages have to be with all the heart. Before gathering SMS, remember how you love the girl and write what really you find necessary and important.

All representatives of a fine half of mankind love lovely and tender SMS messages because it not only pleasant and interesting correspondence, but also the charge of positive emotions stretched for the whole day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team