How to lighten the mood by means of music

How to lighten the mood by means of music

When it becomes sad, there is a strong wish that somebody regretted and helped to cope with this feeling. And if near was nobody? Never mind! Call to the aid music - it will dispel all sad thoughts and will help to lighten the mood.

Music has very strong emotional impact on the person - people know it since ancient times. By means of melodious sounds even tried to treat patients and to increase productivity of vegetables and milk yield of cows. And these experiments, as a rule, yielded positive result. A secret is that any living organism has the vibration which can be ""adjusted"" on a certain wave. And music does it best of all.

The proof to that is behavior of the audience at rock concerts. The most impressionable can fall into a hysterics, many have an aggression. Even cases of suicides which connect with influence of heavy music on mentality are known. One more example: in some African tribes of criminals executed by means of the rhythm which is beaten off by a drum. At first the frequency of beats of a drum corresponded to a rhythm of heart beat of the person, and then the drum rhythm slowed down. Heart adapted to this frequency, and eventually stopped.

However the property of music to adjust the person on a certain harmony can be used also in the good purposes. For example, by means of correctly picked up melodies itself can most increase mood. There is it so: when to you it is sad, turn on the sad music and cry together with it a little. Sometimes tears help to be exempted from weight and clean soul. It, by the way, concerns also men whom since the childhood accustomed not to cry. Now psychologists say that it is possible and it is even useful - heart will hurt less because the stress will not collect. Pogrustili together with a melody? Now we turn on more cheerful and more rhythmical music. Let it will be slightly more rhythmical former that the internal protest was not. This melody on a droplet, by degree, but will lighten the mood. We include faster melody further. For the present not before dancings, but all around already seems not such sad how half an hour ago, isn't that so? It is a high time to accelerate and pass to more rhythmical melody, and so until the mood does not return to normal. Of course, by quantity and quality of melodies for such method nobody will be able to give an exact algorithm because everything has to be individual. It is possible only to advise to make a selection of different melodies in advance and to be influenced by it when there is a minute of grief. It is possible to lighten the mood, to you it will be necessary not to listen on one melody at each stage, and on two or more. So by practical consideration it is possible to make a personal algorithm of increase in mood by means of music.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team