How to live after parting with darling

How to live after parting with darling

Very heavy moment in the woman's life – parting with darling. The spiritual wounds pass into physical sufferings: arrhythmia, heartaches, nervous exhaustion, breakdown.

Not to bring itself to such serious consequences, it is necessary to leave this state with the smallest losses. But how to make it? Say: "Others trouble I will make a helpless gesture". It is easy to advise, it is more difficult to apply to itself. But nevertheless it is necessary to try. What to begin with?

First, most often, the woman assumes fault that the loved one threw individually. Believe, one person cannot be the guilty person as for two. Always there is a wine of both partners. You should not consider yourself guilty of all sins mortal!

Secondly, take the sheet of paper, divide it into two columns. In one column write positive traits of character of darling, in another – negative. It is necessary to write frankly, without exaggerating advantage and diminishing shortcomings. And now look, can be shortcomings more, than advantages? Very often women uplift darling on a pedestal, and in practice it turns out that it far not so.

Thirdly, do not injure yourself in vain: remove all photos in which you together also are happy.

Fourthly, share the trouble with the girlfriend to whom entirely you trust if such is. If the girlfriend real, she understands and will support. Vygovortes – it will become easier.

Fifthly, even if it will be difficult, strike up new acquaintance, at least on the Internet since so far in real are not ready to the new relations. Communicating with new people, you will inevitably distract from the thoughts and to recover gradually.

Sixthly, think of relatives: parents, friends, children, if they are. You are necessary to them, they love you, you are not lonely. Do not consider that life came to an end and gradually you will understand that are ready to the new relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team