How to live in the close apartment with family

How to live in the close apartment with family

Very many young couples begin the joint life in the small apartment, and even in the room of the hostel. There comes the moment of grindings in in life which is complicated by the fact that spouses literally ""step each other on heels"". In one corner the husband solders something, in another the child constructed a tower of your pans, in the third a clothes blockage. How to learn to live in any situation without quarrels and irritation?


1. First, relax. If you feel that the anger wave rolls on you, the best exit will not break on family. Drink to tea, find such corner where to you it will be comfortable. Come to a balcony, inhale street air. Grease whisky with cream with addition of mint oil and lie down a little. It will reduce stress.

2. Now let's think together what can be undertaken. It is necessary to create the general for all the regime of rest and food if it is possible. Then will bring more conveniently and more simply order, and in this sea of chaos a little orderliness will appear. Then, if, for example the husband parted houses rough activity and occupied all space, then the best option for you will be to walk a little. Learn to clean up everything on the places at once, at once to wash the dishes, to prepare clothes and footwear since evening. Combine several cases, for example visit of this website and cooking. Surely organize ""the"" corner where there will be only your things. It can be a small table. Air the room more often, wipe dust every other day.

3. Now we will think how to avoid family quarrels on the future. First, if the apartment small, observe minimalism in furniture and the equipment. Monophonic light wall-paper and fresh air will reduce irritability level. And the most important - be physically active outdoors! Spend energy in sports club or outdoors, be chosen more often ""in people"". Even if it is walk in the park with a dog or a trip on a visit. Then all emotions will be dissipated outdoors, and to you ""not so put mug"" will not want to argue apropos

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