How to live one with the baby

How to live one with the baby

To the woman who remained one with the baby on hands it can be very difficult at first. However, if to think, everything is not so bad while the kid is absolutely small and completely we depend on mother.

There is no lemonade without lemon!

Having spent a little time and having mastered a baby sling, it is possible not only to release hands, and respectively and to manage to make more affairs, but also to lead active lifestyle. Walk, an exit with friends to the park and just aimless not really long shopping are quite capable to lighten the mood to many women. If the kid is on breastfeeding, the first half a year of his life it is possible not to worry about purchase of expensive food. It is necessary to get enough sleep that will allow to vosstanavlit the forces and will not be slow to affect mood and the relation to life. Nothing terrible will occur if dishes are washed a bit later - but mother will have a rest, deficiency of a dream - one of factors of development of a stress.

It is quite probable that sometimes the woman should experience various checks for durability. However, as ancient wise men claimed: "night is most dark before dawn", and after "rising" obligatory it will become easier. With each passable and defeated trouble mother will become not only is more skilled, cleverer and stronger, but also will treat many things much more quietly. And there will pass a little more time, and the grown-up child will become the real assistant.

Quite often mothers who are bringing up the child some are very inventive - and in the choice of toys, and in preparation of dishes for the kid, and in various other situations. Let many of the women who appeared in such situation can not always buy superexpensive toy or the ticket in circus, often they with interest compensate it by joint pastime with the kid, enjoying minute of rest between work and household efforts. It is extremely interesting to walk with the child only beginning to learn the world. Telling the kid about why in the sky of a cloud, and over a grass of a butterfly, it is quite possible to have a rest, forget about cares and to try to restore composure, often so necessary for independent mother.

Search of suitable work - the first step to financial independence and stability

While the child is still small, he sleeps very much, let and in any mode. Many mothers during this time successfully are engaged in search of remote work. Promotion of groups on social networks, writing articles and blogging, the organization of joint purchases, just typing or the translations from foreign languages are only a small part of a huge range of work which can master, having remained one with the baby. For those who do not own similar skills or it is inclined to other activity, too it is possible to pick up outwork option - only desire and determination is necessary! If the financial question is particularly acute, it is possible to visit service of social protection of the population to inquire about privileges for mothers who some bring up the child. Perhaps, there can prompt also the special centers where it is possible to find clothes and toys for the kid and also to get advice of the lawyer and psychologist. Recently also the number of the thematic websites where mothers with pleasure help those who were left with the child without support in such responsible the moment grows - many families found there not only friends, but also could fill up clothes of the kid and please it with new toys.

I any more will never be lonely...

Many mothers, consciously or forcedly bringing up the kid some, refuse flatly to call themselves "singles". In the modern world, concepts of traditional family were a little displaced therefore, according to some scientists-sociologists, even such families where there are only mother and the child, have full authority to be called family. Also it is unknown how fate of the woman will be further - if it already has a child, in most cases she just will not dare to waste time for communication with the frivolous man. And the men counting only pleasant pastime will be eliminated at an acquaintance stage. To the contrary, the one who will be able to find contact with the kid and to help young mother to endure not the easiest period in her life, can automatically be considered as the applicant for a role of future satellite.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team