How to live with the husband if he changes

How to live with the husband if he changes

You were so happy together, you had an excellent family. But something abruptly changed, everything began to fall from hands, smiles were replaced by bitterness and tears, the love began as if to thaw in the eyes. Your husband preferred other woman. Now with her he spends evenings, embraces her, whispers it gentle words. But he does not throw you too. Houses him are held by homeliness, children, the wife to whom it is still attached. How to live in the circumstances?


1. So, you know now that your husband has other woman. The first that it is necessary to make, get it together and to try though a little to calm down. Keep the nerves. Begin to analyze a situation. If you have no general children, turn out him, let lives as wants, only does not torment you. If you have children, at first it is necessary to think of them. They need the father therefore you need to try to bring together the family on pieces and to make of it a single whole.

2. If you found forces to continue to live with this person, you have two ways. You can become just cohabitants. In this case do not prepare for it, do not erase, do not pay any attention to it. The second way – to try to return love of the husband and to eliminate the competitor. If you chose the second option, it is necessary "to sweat".

3. Be resolute. Hard fight for the man is necessary to you. Begin with the simplest. Realize or ask it what went not so. What did not arrange it in you? If it becomes clear that he just wanted something brand new, try to change the style. Change a hairstyle, become more mysterious. Draw its attention to yourself.

4. Be engaged in the figure. Very often men begin to seek the woman elsewhere because the wife's figure strongly changed for the worse. Go on a diet, play sports. You watch the manicure, a make-up and clothes. You have to remind the girl from a cover.

5. Let know to the husband that you have admirers. New and fine you are pleasant not only to him now. Force it to be jealous, but do not change it that he could not accuse you of anything. Flirt on his eyes with attractive men. Be always the focus of attention among your mutual friends.

6. Become the wonderful hostess. You keep the house clean. Let it come from work and knows that the house it is waited by a tasty warm dinner and the beautiful, well-groomed wife. Meet him not in a dressing gown and slippers, and in a sexy underwear. To such woman he will fly from work at full speed, he will not want to go to the mistress any more.

7. Try to become the successful woman. Begin to build career. Prove to the apostate that you self-assured, attractive and financially independent woman. Remember the pride. Behave as many years ago when he only met you and was over head and ears in love. Believe in the family, in the happy future, and all your misfortunes will remain far behind.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team