How to live with the man the workaholic?

How to live with the man the workaholic?

If the spouse vanishes at work all the time, without feeling sorry for forces, overstrains that his relatives and he did not need anything, he means the workaholic. How to live with the man the workaholic?


1. The male workaholic, is never released from work a bit earlier, can take work home. And rest? Your spouse it is necessary to teach to have a rest. For a start, create the most comfortable situation of the house, it has to be pleasant to the husband so that will pull it quickly to come back home.

2. Pay attention maximum. Ask about progress at work, you speak about his hobbies, it is very important for the man. Communication should not be limited to discussion of accounts and other household problems.

3. In advance plan family holiday. Ask, than the husband would like to be engaged where he wants to go or go? Spontaneous actions will hardly be to him to liking, and in advance planned action corresponding to its wishes and interests will be apprehended with pleasure.

4. You say with the spouse that you worry about his health. Excessive loading and stresses, will have an adverse effect on its organism, and it will not be able to be such active and to devote so much time to work. It is one more reason to have a rest more, and you respectively will be able to spend more time with the beloved spouse.

5. Pay attention that his diligence needs to be shown also at home. You ask it to help about the house, tell that you need its help. You should not distribute orders, you ask it about the help, you cannot simply do without it.

6. Not to feel a lack of attention, loneliness and not to get the spouse reproaches, that he finds for you not enough time take care of the own life. Open for yourself new hobbies, be engaged in work which brings you pleasure, self-improve, develop. The man is always attracted by the woman who took place as the personality.

7. Often, the male workaholic, forgets about family actions and holidays. You should not take offense and make on him rows. He works very much that his family did not know cares and need. Become his assistant and the workmate, delicately, in advance remind of the planned actions for what spouses will he is extremely grateful and will be able always to rely on you.

8. If it seems to you that the husband just runs for work to avoid communication with you, then most likely the problem in the personal relations and the man tries to disappear from continuous reproaches and cavils.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team