How to look on the first appointment

How to look on the first appointment

The first appointment is very important for the man and the woman. On it it becomes clear whether communication will continue further, or everything will be limited to the only meeting. And the appearance on the first appointment plays if not the decisive, then defining role.


1. It is necessary to prepare for the first appointment in advance. It is the best of all to make an appointment for the weekend that there was an opportunity to have a rest of working everyday life and to make toilet. At night before an important event it is obligatory to sleep well. The healthy complexion and lack of circles under eyes will allow to use a minimum of the tinting means and to look natural.

2. You should not be fond of decorative cosmetics. It is not a masquerade, but an appointment. Will be to disguise brilliant skin powder enough, to use a little eye shadow and to make up eyelashes. Allocate on a face something one - lips or eyes. If you use bright lipstick, the make-up of eyes has to be minimum and vice versa.

3. Style hair in a beautiful hairstyle. Choose such which will suit you, but not that that it is popular time at present. The rare man understands fashion trends, but everyone can define, there is to the woman a laying or not.

4. By the same principle choose a dress for the first appointment. Put on in what you will feel comfortable. The narrow, constraining movements, inconvenient things, will not allow to be liberated and be adjusted on the necessary wave. Pick up a convenient, elegant set which will hide all shortcomings and will emphasize advantages.

5. If long walk is supposed - put on footwear on steady, not too high heel. Shoes on hairpins will be suitable for romantic evening at restaurant or theater more.

6. Surely use spirits. They will give to self-confidence. Choose aromas with notes of a sandal-wood tree, ylang-ylang or rose. These smells make active the nervous centers and have the toning effect on an organism of the man and woman.

7. On an appointment behave openly, do not become isolated. Try to learn as much as possible about the person. It will allow to be defined whether it is worth meeting him once again. If the meeting was not successful - quietly tell about it to the interlocutor. You should not give hope to the person when he was not pleasant at all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team