How to love the deaf-and-dumb girl

How to love the deaf-and-dumb girl

Hearing loss - is not a reason for refusal of happiness to love and be favourite. It is possible to put the feelings not only into words, but also acts, gestures. Sometimes it is enough only a look.

Virtual acquaintances have to move to a new level sooner or later. The meeting in live can present the mass of unexpected news. That girl from correspondence turns out deaf-and-dumb. Of course, not each guy will venture to connect the life with such unusual girl. But if to understand, then it is possible to understand that the barrier of communication is removable. There is a mass of ways to conduct dialogue. Modern phones allow to write messages by means of which it is possible to state all necessary information and also to send the smilies, pictures expressing feelings and mood of interlocutors.

Look - instead of one thousand words

Communication on social network also by means of correspondence can help lovers with such situation. To tell the words of love it is not obligatory to have a voice, it is possible to express it by means of a song in others execution. When two persons really love each other, they can just embrace and stay silently in such situation for hours. It is enough to feel heat, began to smell each other. A look - instead of one thousand words, touch, a kiss - instead of a word "I love".

The real feelings will help to overcome all difficulties and burdens of life. Only desire and support of relatives is necessary.

Ways of communication

Information papers - a great way of communication. It is possible to write each other letters, to draw pictures, caricatures, all the emotions and feelings to express on the sheet of paper. The guy has to reconcile to feature of the girl, look for good points, not listen to opinion of people around. Loss of hearing are not a sentence, it is possible to lead a usual life with such diagnosis. The girl will love really the guy because he will be for her a support and protection, and disabled people lack it so. Modern society does not understand and does not accept physically disabled people in the circle.

The special attitude towards disabled people has to be brought up in family, school, institute.

Language of deaf-mutes

Many deaf-and-dumb people who lost function to hear in the childhood, hardly say sounds and speak. But it can be corrected by means of long, everyday trainings. The person will be able to learn to read words lips over time. And if there are hearing remains, then hearing aids come to the rescue. In other cases of people studies language of deaf-mutes which will allow to express all words by means of gestures. Programs are developed to train people to use the sound speech for communication with hearing. This technique facilitates socialization of the deaf-mute.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team