How to love the workaholic

How to love the workaholic

Probably, it does not make sense to say that to love the workaholic really not easy. It there is never a house, and work steadily on the first place. Nevertheless, if you nevertheless managed to fall in love with one of them, it is necessary to suffer.

As become workaholics

Even at the general equal there are men for whom a pit – a peculiar sport. They begin to play and are not able to stop any more, and any victory and achievement at work brings them such lot of positive emotions that no fishing or a visit of gym and will be able to be compared. There is also it that the man would like to spend more time at home, but work does not release him. Affairs as a snowball, collect and collect, and to give up them there is no opportunity – he feeds family.

In both cases, the workaholism can be compared to a mental disease and, denying its existence, people only aggravate a problem. Remember that except work any person always has both a private life, and time to give it it is necessary likewise. There are, of course, started cases when the man literally lives at work as the whole weeks, but at the same time he seldom has family or relations. If your workaholic managed to bring the girl and the more so to marry, not all means it is lost, and the situation can be corrected.

The man runs from problems

There is also one more type of workaholism which is not so simple for distinguishing. Happens that the man on the contrary uses work to run away from the house. Alas, such cases are also frequent. If you have problems in the relations, frequent scandals or sexual life went wrong, the man can try to be protected from all this at work. You should not blame him for it, in fact, he chooses a line of least resistance – tries to keep your relations. It is necessary to tell that if your man disappears at work on this reason, strangely enough, to correct a situation to you it will be simplest. Try to create houses a comfortable situation and to make so that it was pleasant to return, and the man wanted to spend with you more time. You do not saw him at all and do not reproach with insensibility and constant absence. Give him what it so needs – your love and support.

Think of yourself

To the man it is very important that the woman could provide a family cosiness and take care of the house while it works. Therefore is important to make everything depending on you that he was not disappointed in you. At the same time, if you see that the man comes home only to have a sleep and supper, does not notice you at all and does not try to correct something, think and whether such relations are necessary to you?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team