How to maintain interest

How to maintain interest

Daily vanity, life and lack of time do not leave an opportunity for creation of the normal, strong relations. It is not difficult to maintain the interest of the man. Note several simple councils.


1. Intrigue. A female riddle - it is always interesting. You should not tell everything and at once, leave food for reflections. Only do not go too far, otherwise he will think that you do not trust it.

2. Develop. Lessons of English, a horse riding lesson, hobby for oriental dances, jumps from a parachute but, with you you will not miss. Only think how much you will be able new to tell the partner, and it is possible and to show.

3. Tempt. The romantic dinner by candlelight is so banal, but sometimes is so necessary. It is desirable that it was the surprise. After heavy day of work so pleasantly that someone cares for you. The weakening massage, a glass of red wine, - and was successful evening.

4. Memories of the past and plans for the future. For certain to you is what to remember. The first appointment, acquaintance to parents, unusual gift, unexpected meeting. After time all it seems such ridiculous and ridiculous, but every year these memoirs are more and more expensive. Think of the joint future. Possibly it is a wedding, children or just repair, believe, it brings together.

5. Be not imposed. If the man gathered for fishing or for a football match, release. A kiss at parting, and he will quicker want to return to you.

6. Do not bother. Monitoring each step is silly. Present yourself on its place. Each person has to have a personal space.

7. Be happy. The joyful, self-assured girl - whether is a dream of the loving man. Do not allow small adversities to spoil mood to yourself and people around.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team