How to maintain the relations

How to maintain the relations

In life you contact to many people – from the closest relatives and friends and to the remote acquaintances and fellow workers and various activity. For many people the maintaining the good and harmonious relations with people around is a serious problem – and if you cannot get on with people, you need to change some moments in yourself.


1. Remember that in the course of interaction with other people it is very important to watch own language. Your speech – your main communication medium, and it has to be corresponding. You do not speak about people badly, try not to discuss them for eyes.

2. Whenever possible support people and help them – increase the level in their eyes. Make such acts after which people will be able to trust you. You treat also with trust what speak to you about – it will strengthen your reputation in the opinion of other people.

3. Help people only when you can really help, and they need support. If you cannot help nothing – do not prevent the person to go about the own business. You do not become personal in communication, do not provoke the conflicts.

4. Be quieter also blagodarny – and over time people around will begin to answer you with the same. Smile to the interlocutor – perhaps, he did not get used to such address, and it will be pleasant to it, so – it will allocate you from crowd of other people as the person with whom it is comfortable to it to communicate.

5. If you promised something – keep a promise. Do not lie to people and do not promise what you will not be able obviously to execute.

6. Be yourself – people feel falseness therefore you should not go all out, trying to seem someone whom you are not. Open the best qualities, learn not only to speak, but also to listen. Be cultural and polite – it stimulates reciprocal politeness in communication.

7. You do not overstep the limits of personal contact – you always hold a small distance with the interlocutor, it will allow it to feel safe and at the same time to derive pleasure from yours with it communication. The attitude of people towards you begins with your attitude towards people – think of it and begin to improve the relationship with people around.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team