How to make a congratulation for the man

How to make a congratulation for the man

Not so there is a lot of men's holidays in a year: World day of men, day of the father and on February 23. But there are also personal dates, for example, a birthday, professional holidays, small personalized events. It is the one holiday best to make independently an unusual, bright and individual congratulation for the man.

It is required to you

  • - books with scenarios of holidays;
  • - ridiculous photos or pictures;
  • - computer;
  • - graphic editor;
  • - comic text congratulation.


1. The meaning of a congratulation depends on subject of a holiday. But anyway make the text ridiculous and unique, having added interesting data from private life of the hero of the occasion. For example, use fragments from favourite jokes and the man's jokes, remember cheerful cases and events from youth. If independently it is difficult to think up the text, carry out "brainstorming": invite to drawing up a congratulation for the man of his friends. Use ready poems, replacing words and offers.

2. By drawing up a congratulation focus attention on strengths of the man. Surely pay attention to his great physical shape, ability to prepare or to how he likes to play with children. Transfer of these qualities will not leave indifferent any man.

3. In the graphic editor group the colourful poster for the man. On a poster place cuttings from photos or the ridiculous pictures illustrating the text of a congratulation. Issue the poem (or prose) among images. Make a colourful background, append the signature or the signature of all family, for example, in the form of the photo. Unpack such congratulation for the man in copying center on a big format (A1). It can be hung up on a wall or a door in the room of the hero of the occasion.

4. It is not obligatory to use a poetic form by drawing up a congratulation for the man. The text can be and prosaic, the main thing that it was sincere, a little ridiculous and it was pleasant to those who will read it.

5. Solve whether there will be a text from the individual well-wisher or from the big company. Right at the beginning mention from whose name you congratulate the man. It is simpler to write the text from several people: everyone has to express the feelings and emotions to the man then all statements gather and unite among themselves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team