How to make a date

How to make a date

It is the most difficult to take courage and to invite the pleasant girl to the first appointment. To minimize risk to be rejected, remember several simple rules of conduct.


1. If you are a little familiar with the pleasant person, or are unfamiliar at all, then, at least, pay attention to existence of a wedding ring on a finger. ask mutual friends whether the girl chosen by you meets somebody.

2. Make an appointment, without intermediaries not to look the coward or too diffident guy.

3. It is necessary to invite to an appointment without witnesses from your or her friends. First, the girl can be confused, and it will be the reason for refusal. Secondly, uninvited intervention of acquaintances can reduce all importance of the moment.

4. If to you agreed, do not faint for nervousness, and accurately designate day, the place and time of a meeting. It is better to invite in restaurant, in cafe, to an excursion, or a concert. And here to the cinema it is better not to go on the first appointment as you will not be able to talk and learn about possible mutual interests, beliefs and the girl's dreams because to you it is necessary, silently to look at the screen, and your attempts to touch, the girl can misunderstand.

5. Prevent in advance what you will do, to put on properly. For example, you will plan to hold an appointment on the ground where you will fire at each other paint, and the girl will put on an appointment a dress with a loop and all efforts will be in vain.

6. Be punctual and if you are late, phone and warn that you are late. When you come to the meeting place think up comic justification for the delay, so you will smooth awkwardness and present an opportunity to smile.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team