How to make a declaration of love to the boy

How to make a declaration of love to the boy

As it is difficult to make a declaration of love to the boy who is pleasant, the first. Girls consider that the boy, but as he learns that it needs to be made to you if you even do not give a sign that it to you is not indifferent has to take the first step. Boys too very vulnerable and diffident people if business concerns declaration of love. Sometimes the girl most should make an avowal of sentiments, having overcome shyness and fear of a sneer because the feeling of an attraction is stronger than any fears.

1. If all of you decided to make a declaration of love to it directly, looking in eyes, then you should not do it publicly, at a big congestion of the people because recognition is very personal. And the fragile sprout of reciprocal feelings can be destroyed if someone decides to laugh at your couple.

2. You should not make a declaration of love if it has a bad mood, or he is very busy with some business, you can already just anger him what you distract, and it is not important that he, perhaps, too loves you, the moment will be spoiled.

3. It is possible to invite him to walk or to ask about a meeting under any pretext and already there to pronounce treasured three words.

4. You can make a declaration of love to it on the Internet, having sent a card with a declaration of love or SMS. In this case it is better to write, without calling it by name. If he hesitated to admit too, then will be glad, and if he is indifferent, then you can tell that this message was intended to other boy.

5. The most timid girls make a declaration of love, having thrown an anonymous note to the boy. But so he can not learn who wrote it, or to push him to other girl. It is better to sign the gentle letter nevertheless.

6. To drop: "I love you!" - for example, having asked to help with an ordinary conversation with it to you with preparation for an examination. Be not upset if he refuses. Just tell that wanted to check how the guy who very much is pleasant to you can react to such recognition, and now you just rehearsed.

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