How to make a declaration of love to the half

How to make a declaration of love to the half

The people consisting in the relations long time often think how it is original to make a declaration of love. Remember that the fate of your further relations therefore it is necessary to approach recognition of love with all responsibility can depend on this moment.


1. Think whether your feelings are mutual before making a declaration of love. If it not so, the person can not be delighted to your recognition at all, and from it it will only become worse. It is unlikely you want to see further indifference, compassion or hostility of an object of love in relation to you. Therefore it is better to admit pure feelings when you meet already for a long time, and your partner is shown to you interest, answering courtesies.

2. Forget about banal "I love you". This phrase told "between times" will be not so romantic, and you risk not to hear about mutual feelings. Apply the imagination and try to think how it is original to make a declaration of love. Better, of course, if recognition sounds spontaneously, but uncertain in the forces it is worth thinking over in advance as it will occur. Think up the speech and present what can reaction of darling to similar words.

3. Pay attention to interests and hobbies of your partner. If he or she, for example, is fond of parachute jumps, it is possible to make a declaration of love directly during a joint jump. If there are no hobbies, you can think up something unusual: flight in the balloon, a travel by the ship or walk on horses.

4. Try to attract to this hard task of the friends. This way is suitable more for guys who want to make a declaration of love. For example, it is possible to call your half to the park and to begin to kiss it at some point. One of your friends has to will imperceptibly to pass by and to enclose a flower in your hand. Now you will be able to hand it to the girl and to tell her trembling words. She will pleasantly be surprised to your focus and the speech delivered at this moment.

5. Girls should not be afraid to make a declaration of love the first. Perhaps, your young man too shy also hesitates to make it. Or try to hint him at it if you want to hear important words from it. For this purpose try to show as often as possible to it that you are that girl who is necessary to it.

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