How to make a declaration of love to the woman

How to make a declaration of love to the woman

The stronger sex, as a rule, very difficult is given declaration of love. If the man is not really confident in reciprocity, it is extremely awkward to it to tell about the feelings. Both young guys, and men aged are not always able to admit beautifully and originally to the darlings. Usually, they worry, lost, as a result the explanation turns out crumpled and banal. And how it is non-standard and beautiful to make a declaration of love to the woman?


1. Write original SMS recognition. It can be issued in the form of verses or prose. The main thing that it was sincere, concerning, touching and long. By the way, this option will be ideal for men who "lose a speech power" because of too strong nervousness or natural shyness. This way has also a reverse side – you will not be able to see the first reaction of darling, and it is the most sincere.

2. Record your love recognition with the video camera and post on the Internet, and send the reference to phone or the e-mail address of darling. A virtual explanation quite unusual and non-standard way to tell about the feelings. Only, as well as in a case with SMS, you will not know how the woman reacted to your recognition.

3. Be explained in feelings of darling by the letter. Yes! The usual letter which in the Middle Ages were carried by carrier pigeons! Believe, now it is a rarity when the person can beautifully write about the feelings on paper. It is considered that such letters became outdated, and in vain. Believe, it will be very pleasant to woman to re-read it, in the majority, they are persons romantic.

4. You bring together the woman in restaurant or cafe. At first sight this way can seem banal, but do not hurry with conclusions. Most of women are auditory, so, you need direct contact with darling. Present a smart bouquet of flowers. Do you know what flowers are pleasant to your woman? Invite her to slow dance, gently press her to yourself. But here you should not do recognition in the noisy atmosphere, find a way to remain alone. Take it by hands and, looking in eyes, sincerely tell of the feelings. Believe, it will estimate it!

5. What way of declaration of love you would not choose, the main thing that it was made sincerely, from everything heart.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team