How to make a kiss unforgettable

How to make a kiss unforgettable

Proximity presentiment, jump in the relations, happiness anticipation – all this about a kiss. The set his technician is thought up. To make an impression on darling, try to unite them and to influence all sense organs.


1. At first – eyes. If you are in love, you should not "represent something". Enclose in the look with all sincerity what you feel. Eyes, full desires and love, are already caress moreover what! If the girl does not look away and answers in your opinion, most likely, she is ready to a kiss. Then it is possible to pass to touches.

2. It will be best of all if you kiss the girl not at once and after your hands get acquainted" with her body. Hardly touch her face, carry out on a cheek, pass to hair, then to a neck. One more option – run slightly fingers over her lips, feel how they reach for you, being slightly opened. If all of you made as it is necessary, darling will cover eyes.

3. Then it is possible to kiss her. Slightly, in corners of lips. Your breath got off, became hot, she feels it on the cheeks. She feels and a smell of your body – a body, be not overzealous with perfume, gathering for an appointment. Its aroma intoxicates you too, and your kisses become more courageous.

4. You "taste" her lips several times, already slightly opening them. Your hands caress to the girl a back, embraces become stronger. You have to feel what is pleasant to it, how it nestles on you all breast. Then it is possible to pass to "the French kiss" when languages of partners are caressed each other, and their souls, besides, according to the French, adjoined.

5. Kind of the kiss lasted long, it cannot proceed eternally. But it will be better if you come off the partner's lips not at once. Adjoining tips of lips, whisper her some love "nonsense" - everything that will be riped out of your heart. Perhaps, it will be even a poetic line who knows? At court of Louis XV it was called "a colloquial kiss". It will finally touch the lady of your heart.

6. And again look. Full of gratitude. In your eyes new – experience of recognition of each other, one more step on the way to proximity appeared.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team