How to make darling of a congratulation merry Christmas

How to make darling of a congratulation merry Christmas

Christmas – widely celebrated holiday, time of gifts and congratulations. Many people this light day feel the special need to express the tender feelings to darling.


1. Beautifully to tell about the love, it is not obligatory to look for sample congratulations on the Internet at all, try to show own abilities. If you are not strong in flashing impromptus, begin to try to write a congratulation some days before a holiday. Depending on your talents and preferences of your darling, it can be in verses or prose.

2. If you decided to compose a congratulation merry Christmas poetically, it is possible to take any classical poem as a basis and to change it, for example: "Frost and sun, day wonderful! Magic holiday of Christmas! Darling, wake up, it is time!", etc. At verses there can be also a humour, but be not overzealous with it. You watch also that Christmas congratulations did not contain even a hint on platitude, be adjusted on sublime poetic tone.

3. It is quite possible that with versification the situation at you is not too well. In this case just write sincerely and sincerely about the love - about its force, depth, about feelings which you have to your beloved. Do not forget to mention also the holiday, that it means to you what emotions causes.

4. To deeply believing woman make a congratulation in the corresponding spirit, placing emphasis on religious value of a holiday, but do not forget to express at the same time and the feelings in relation to her. Present her the good book on religious subject, such gift will be for certain accepted with great pleasure.

5. Issue a congratulation on the beautiful card made by the hands or bought in shop. Every time when it catches sight to you or your darling, you will be covered again by pleasant memories.

6. The congratulation can be merry Christmas carried out also without words: express the tenderness and love by means of a bouquet from red roses (it is possible to lay out buds in the form of heart), make a collage of drawings or cards (with the image of angels, Jesus Christ, heart), etc. The ideas on drawing up a congratulation merry Christmas for darling can be much, it is only necessary to consider her tastes and not to forget to tell words for which any woman waits - that you very much love her.

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