How to make eyes at guys

How to make eyes at guys

To make eyes is a special science. And it occupies one of the main places in flirtation art. Each girl has to know it. Do you remember, in the old movie the mother trained the daughter who sat up in brides "to make" eyes? In the course of entrapping the look plays the predominating role.


1. First of all you have to show a look the interest the man. Therefore do not hide a look. It is very good to begin to make eyes in night clubs, in discos, in cafe with lighting by candles. In the dark pupils extend, and the look seems more sexually what draws at once attention.

2. The behavior of eyes is very important too. If someone it to be pleasant to you, you unconsciously try to meet the eyes of this person. So if you want to attract interest of the man, dart a glance at it. Only you look in the face no more than a second as the long look can mean two extremes: either love or aggression, and to you it to anything.

3. And now process. At first incline the head and look at the guy. Only you will catch his eye, quickly you take eyes aside and you look at first down, and then again aside. This oblique glance, at first slightly mistrustful, after the showing interest, and already then, agreeing to acquaintance. Such manipulations with eyes need to be carried out right at the beginning, at the first meeting. You can be trained at first in front of the mirror.

4. A good prerequisite to setting of the relations is, also a look through the raised shoulder. Look at the interesting object, having a little turned to it sideways, from a half-turn, having slightly hitched up plechiko.

5. The man and a look which you will send kind of by his face, a little pensively will become interested. It you, let he so thinks, try to hide the interest in it. It will draw its attention.

6. One more method is to make several glances in the man's eyes. Total duration them has to be from two to seven seconds. For such time there will be a steady contact between you.

7. Now it is necessary to enclose more sexuality in the look. It can achieve, having imagined some picture corresponding to mood with sexual sense. And eyes will change, will begin to sparkle at once and will begin to sparkle. The man will be intrigued.

8. And now, it is only necessary to learn that all this looked naturally that men did not perceive your views unambiguously that the secret which they so like to solve remained.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team