How to make of the guy of the henpecked

How to make of the guy of the henpecked

The henpecked is the indecisive, deprived of will man. He needs such woman who will compensate it its own shortcomings, to govern their relations and time. This is the man who is only conducted. Even those steps which he takes are undertaken not from strong internal motives, and from cunning manipulations of the woman.


1. That man to make the henpecked, is necessary with it to agree with everything, but only in such form: "Yes, darling, you, of course are right, but only you, as always, forgot that..." - and it is not important what was forgotten by darling. It is important to show it that a concrete minute it cannot hold more than one thought in the head.

2. Constantly use expression "as always". It will mean that he not only is not right in this case and that he in principle is not right always, irrespective of a situation.

3. Try to buy to it things. It will give to you an extra reason to show it that it is not adapted for life at all, and will seem to it more and more that he is a loser who without your firm hand to a step will not be able to make not to fall in a pool.

4. Try not to call it by name. The cat, the sweetie, a hare, a durashechka – any silly tender nicknames will approach. Men are terribly frightened it, droop and are lost.

5. Climb in all its affairs. Naturally, with desire to help. Always you remember that you have to sympathize with it always, ask in detail on details and subtleties of business. And when it with might and main will disperse, kill it some question – for example whether new socks were pleasant to it.

6. Constantly you saw the man. Softly, tremblingly, gently, but every minute. You say to him that it does everything not so. He not so breaks eggs before a breakfast, not so washes the car, incorrectly parks and is always inappropriate laughs.

7. Following this instruction, you will be able to turn any man into a rag. Good luck to you!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team