How to make so that guys met you

How to make so that guys met you

It is capable to decide the first on acquaintance to the guy - on it not each girl. Even the single refusal is capable to create a complex for many years. It is much better to make so that young people showed an initiative.


1. Take care of the appearance. Try to look well-groomed, fresh and it is natural. The increased nails, a vulgar make-up and a deep decollete are capable to attract only guys with not the most decent purposes. Ideal manicure, clean smooth hair, beautiful skin and a dazzling smile - the best attributes of any girl. Avoid too provocative clothes: if at the young man serious intentions, similar appearance can push away him.

2. Try to look at yourself from outside. The looking for sad look, a silent appeal to acquaintance, the persistence appearing in each gesture - qualities which cut a potential possibility of the relations with you after the only look. However and too unapproachable you should not look as for many guys an acquaintance initiative - quite serious step. And if they think that you will surely refuse to them, then hardly they will approach. Choose golden mean: for establishment of contact only one interested looks suffice. If you feel that the young man is pleasant to you, smile to him in reply. Be reserved, but friendly.

3. Try to communicate with males in general more. Let similar contacts do not make you blush. You have to behave is most weakened and naturally and at all not to worry. Besides, in the company where there are a lot of young people, it is much simpler to find the friend for itself.

4. Broaden the horizons and the spheres of interest. Get to yourself several hobby. And some of them have to be interesting also to men, for example, mountain skiing. So you not only get more chances to get acquainted with the guy, but also subsequently to spend together leisure-time. Read more, attend interesting actions, you watch good film, try to have the to sight current on many topical issues. If the first minutes after acquaintance to you there is nothing to speak, the meeting for certain will be the last.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team