How to make so that the girl fell in love with you?

How to make so that the girl fell in love with you?

How to force the girl to fall in love with itself – this question torments a great number of young people, and not really, the men who once found out that an object of passion for them is absolutely indifferent or that it is even worse – treats only as the friend. That the girl fell in love with you, it is necessary to make as skilled lady-killers advise, remembering that at the same time it is necessary to arm with patience and profound knowledge of female psychology.

How to make so that the person fell in love with you?

To cause sympathy and love of the person – men or women, it is possible if to follow certain rules. For example, the love can be reciprocal feeling, it can arise out of gratitude or admiration.

Very often people other eyes look at those whom they lose. Parting allows to see the person and the relations from outside, to estimate positive and negative qualities. And as it is better remembered good over time, than bad, having rummaged in communication can become the cause of deep feelings.

How to force the girl to fall in love with itself?

The men who especially got to female frendzona usually wish to know - whether the girl can fall in love over time, or they

  • forever and will remain just friends. In that case bargaining chips for the men wishing to cause love of an object of passion:
  • the erudition and intelligence – these qualities of men of the woman appreciate especially therefore their development should devote much time – to read, solve crossword puzzles, to play chess, to watch the developing transmissions, etc.;
  • identity – women pay attention to extraordinary persons, than to average individuals more willingly;
  • determination – in difficult situations the man is obliged to take the responsibility, protecting the darling from struggles of life;
  • attractive appearance – women love well-groomed and stylish men, and here a sweat smell, untidy clothes and a multi-day bristle can cause disgust;
  • sense of humour – women in the majority are incapable to resist the man who forces them to laugh.

How to make so that the girl fell in love with you - councils of pikaper

Of course, the purpose of a pikaper is often far from desire to create the long relations, however in need of their advice can help to hook on the pleasant girl. To get to fall in love the girl, first of all it is necessary to collect as much as possible information on a passion object. It is important in order that it is correct to construct tactics of gain: to romantic natures one approach, to intellectuals – another is necessary.

To learn to surprise the girl – it means almost for certain to pick up a key to her heart. At the same time it is not desirable to make a false impression, it is necessary to find in itself those qualities which will help to have the necessary effect. For example, having the poetic gift, the man can devote to the ladylove the poem or even the poem. And the non-standard souvenir made with own hands will always remind her of the beloved.

Originality – one more quality, irreplaceable at gaining the woman. Courtesies should be thought over very carefully, but not to go to far in their quantity, otherwise the girl will get used, and will wait for surprises daily. And little advice: if the man does not know what to present to the girl, he has to report that the gift is already bought and when the girl begins to guess - to remember what she called.

If, despite all efforts, the girl remains the unapproachable fortress, it is not necessary to be upset – will not order to heart. However any life experience is important for the person, and can these efforts will only a step to gaining real half!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team