How to make so that the husband respected you

How to make so that the husband respected you

In marriage it is more difficult to keep love, than during gentle courtings and romantic meetings. Spouses sometimes consider that now when the subject of lamentations is won, it is possible to relax and behave as there is a wish. And then darling appears not in the best light and finds unpleasant qualities …


1. If you found out that the husband is not considered with you and does not even respect, think what it began with. Perhaps, you relaxed too and ceased to hide some shortcomings? Remember that it is necessary to treat people as you want that treated you. If your any household habits irritate darling, try to get rid of them.

2. Try to be the good wife and the hostess that it was pleasant to husband to return to the cozy warm house where he will be tasty fed. If the showdown begins, do not turn it into a stream of insults. Discuss a specific situation, but not the identity of the husband or his relatives. If the husband begins to offend, just tell that in such tone you will not talk. Restrain better – all the same thus not to solve any problem, the situation will only worsen.

3. Do not bother the husband with constant control. You do not call him each hour with questions: "Where are you? How are you?" If it has a desire to share, will come home in the evening and everything will tell.

4. Do not forget about the interests and occupations of which were fond prior to a wedding, do not lose old friends. If you made the husband by the meaning of the life, then involuntarily lower your value as person in his eyes and inspire in it confidence that you will not get to anywhere, kind of it behaved.

5. Remember that your love – great value. Do not impose it to the husband and do not try to deserve caress if you see that your ingratiations cause in him irritation. Be engaged in interesting business – perhaps, the spouse soon most will want to talk to you.

6. You do not seek to spend days off surely together if you see that the husband categorically against. Let him know that you and without it can have a rest not bad. Certainly, good rest does not mean viewing TV series day without a break. You descend with girlfriends or with the child somewhere, and then with enthusiasm consider photos of those places where visited. If the husband approaches the monitor, can lower the picture down is your personal space which the spouse did not want to divide.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team