How to make that he called the first

How to make that he called the first

Expectation of phone call from the pleasant young man very much exhausts. If he hesitates, and phone long is silent, in the head unpleasant thoughts begin to appear and the mood spoils. To reduce waiting time, make everything that he called the first.


1. At once let it know that you will not call the first. If you mutually exchanged numbers, he quite can passively wait from you for the first step. Therefore let know that you love the resolute guys capable of manifestation of an initiative. At farewell add that you will wait for it a call.

2. Make everything that it had a desire to call. For this purpose you need to find common interests and to create ease in communication. Laugh, you joke, support a conversation and if the guy cannot think up what to speak about, fill a pause in a conversation.

3. Be more ordinary that the young man was not afraid to call you. It is not necessary to play a role of the snow queen, answering his questions in monosyllables and haughty. To men happens terribly and awkwardly too on the first appointments so help it at least the smile.

4. Be engaged in visualization. Sometimes helps to sit down and in detailed details to imagine how he calls, and then you talk. The main thing is to see clearly this picture and in paints to present all conversation from beginning to end. When very strongly you want something, the Universe receives a boost and tries to carry out it.

5. Remind him of yourself the small SMS message. It is not obligatory to write the ardent and emotional letter. Rather short message which expresses your arrangement and reminds of pleasant pastime. For example, "thanks for yesterday evening" or neutral "good morning". So you will not be too persuasive, but will show to the guy that he can not be afraid to call – are glad to him.

6. If you added it on social network, it is possible to remind of himself unostentatiously. Press a heart near its post or in its photo. Change the avatar that it appeared in a news feed.

7. Call the first. Sometimes it is possible to reject shyness and to dial number of the man. Silence not always means that you were not pleasant to it - he could lose your phone or it has a negative balance. If reaction is not pleasant, you can always tell that you just check whose is unsigned number.

8. And when he will call after long silence, it is not necessary to break and state everything that you thought this time. You keep emotions under control, talk as usual. If you are overcome doubts and curiosity, after a while playfully ask "by the way and that so long from you there was no call?". But it is not necessary to state the claims, accusing the young man of indifference. If you are familiar recently, such aggressive tactics can frighten the guy and it will be his last call.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team