How to make that the boy was born?

How to make that the boy was born?

In spite of the fact that many parents claim, allegedly the sex of the child is not important for them, nevertheless each of spouses has the idealization. In families where the question of the birth of the kid of the defined sex is basic, the spouses observe many councils and act according to them. If you suffer a question how to make that the boy was born, pay attention to an ovulation. All know that in the course of conception Y-spermatozoa take part. They have a high mobility, but small survivability for this reason they will die if sexual intercourse happens some days before an ovulation. It is the best of all if conception happens at the time of an ovulation or right after it as it will allow spermatozoa to reach an ovum and to impregnate it. It is recommended that the contact happened in the first day of an ovulation - in this period in a vagina the alkaline environment prevails. But not each woman will be able precisely to tell in what period of time at her an ovulation, for this purpose it is possible to make special tests or to undergo ultrasonography.

What it is necessary to make that the boy was born?

Doctors recommend for couple of days prior to the beginning of an ovulation to partners not to have sex. In a question how to make that the boy was born, you can be helped by in vitro fertilization which is considered in the most reliable way today. But this method expensive as everything happens to use of the special devices dividing men's and female spermatozoa then fertilization is carried out.

How to make that the boy - the table was born

The sex of future child can also be counted according to the special table where basic data of both parents are considered. Tables for calculations two - in one are carried out calculations, and in another - it is possible to look at family figure and to understand when the probability to give birth to the boy above.

We find figure on crossing of dates of birth of future father and mother in this table:

In the table we look for the figure below and we determine the probability of the birth of the child of any given floor.

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