How to make that the guy fell in love

How to make that the guy fell in love

Unrequited love - very frequent phenomenon. And, not only guys, but also young girls suffer from it. However feelings can come not at once, sometimes them it is possible and it is even necessary to try to obtain.


1. If you understood that you fell in love with the guy who does not reciprocate to you yet, begin to act. About appearance and to you it is not necessary to speak as you for certain and know that you always have to be on the ball. But even if your appearance not too attracts the man who was pleasant to you, it is not necessary to despair and be depressed. They say that women love careful men. The same concerns also guys. They appreciate girls who take care. Try to become the friend for the beloved. Surround him with attention and warmth. If he often in a friendly way pays to you a visit, make for him a tasty lunch or a dinner, you make him coffee and offer tea. He has to understand that you - the good and economic girl.

2. Listen that the guy who was pleasant to you speaks about the former relations. If between you there is a trust, most likely, he at least once could mention that the passion which he left before behaved in one way or another. He could speak negatively at you some of its habits and features of behavior. Listen carefully to everything that he tells you, and do not repeat others mistakes. Always you carry out the mental analysis of how you arrive in any given situations, think how the young man and what conclusions he at the same time drew reacted to your actions.

3. When between you strong and firm friendship of which you will be sure is established, you can try to begin to act. Hint it accidentally that you would be very glad if you had such wonderful young man as it. Tell that it has rather attractive appearance and excellent character. Similar compliments will set the guy thinking that, most likely, you feel to him not just friendly warm feelings. Perhaps, he did not consider you as the potential girl before, but your flirtation will suggest to him similar ideas. If all of you made correctly, the man has to understand that you - really worthy and faithful companion of life. But he will hardly tell after that something to you. Processes will be started only in his head so far.

4. The next stage - jealousy. As your beloved understood that you take a liking to him, he can have a feeling of property in relation to you. Now you needed only to reduce temporarily meetings with it or in general to refuse them. Tell it that one young man began to look after you, but you are not sure yet whether you want something bigger or not. At this moment your friend has to understand that it had a risk to lose you and if it had to you any feelings, he will surely tell you about it.

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