How to make that the guy regretted that he threw

How to make that the guy regretted that he threw

If you were thrown by the guy, it, of course is very offensive and sick. But it is better to tell himself at once that there is no return to the past and will not be. To silly spend time waiting for the fact that it will return, having suddenly realized what happiness it lost. But here to force to regret it about it quite perhaps.


1. Everyone in life has failures. But all treat them differently. Someone lowers hands and begins to have complex, and someone – to draw conclusions and to work on mistakes. We hope that you treat the second. Having a little suffered, sit down and quietly consider in what there was a parting reason where mistakes and what of them became fatal were made.

2. There is a set of qualities which the girl that it is pleasant to guys has to possess. It is accurate and well-groomed appearance, good hair and a figure, sex appeal, ability to listen and console. There are also general properties of character of the person which are always attractive to persons of an opposite sex. The sense of humour, intelligence, independence, not persistence, self-sufficiency, ability to put on stylish, interesting hobbies concern them. If you analyze all these qualities and will be able to apprehend them in a complex, you receive a portrait of the girl who will be able to win the heart of any guy.

3. Now honestly and impartially look at yourself. What from above-mentioned qualities is not enough in your character and behavior? Here it is also necessary to work on it. Draw up to yourself the action plan and decide how you will pass a way of self-improvement. If there are shortcomings of appearance or a constitution – that for their correction there are conditioning agents, art of drawing a make-up and gyms. Acquisition of all other advantages is connected with work on itself. Tell mentally "thanks" to the ex-boyfriend, his act became an occasion to begin to work on itself, and with pleasure be engaged in it.

4. Your behavior has to surprise him and disappoint in expectations. If he thought, that you grown ugly, sad and sad will go around, trying to catch sight more often to him, then you will not give him such pleasure. Arrive contrary to its expectations. Your efforts on self-improvement will not remain unnoticed and, most likely, one you too long will not remain. At the same time the quality of your new admirers will become much better – and you changed to the best.

5. You should not show new hobbies to the former hero already in couple of days, wait when there passes some time that near you the person appeared, even externally surpassing it in all respects. There is nothing more offensively for the guy, than to see that you have success with those who it is obvious better, than it. Here he will also begin to look for elbows to bite them, having understood as he was wrong.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team