How to make the family tree

How to make the family tree

Correctly and fully to make the family tree, it is necessary to do huge work therefore many people do not know from what party to approach it. Try to begin only the family tree – it is simple and will help you to know better about the past of your family.

It is required to you

  • The computer with Internet access
  • Dictophone
  • Tickets to the hometown of your pro-grandmother


1. Begin to make a family tree from yourself. Write your full name, birth date and birth place, marital status and other information which you will find necessary.

2. Add names of your parents and write down about them so much information on their life as much as possible. Do not forget to mention a maiden name of your mother.

3. Ask parents and their parents any information on their immediate family which they can remember.

4. Ask members of your family to look for any documents concerning them life: the birth certificate, about marriage, about death, etc. Make copies of the found documents and apply them to a family tree.

5. Check information on hometowns of your primogenitors on the historical websites. Try to look for mentions of surnames and to find additional data on the past of family.

6. Make a trip home of your descendants. Investigate local churches, cemeteries and local libraries regarding information which could help to add the family tree made by you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team