How to make the girlfriend the girl

How to make the girlfriend the girl

Usually declarations of love do in a festive atmosphere. The forthcoming holiday will become a good occasion. Your task that your offer was romantic, it was remembered to the girl, and she estimated you fully. The most important not to do mistakes, otherwise the offer to make the girlfriend the girl will be failure.


1. Get acquainted with her parents. This most important. You have to receive their favor.

2. During the offer to become your girl, present her an original gift. If her becomes your wife, let remember this moment till an extreme old age as one of the happiest days. Order a handmade gift, flowers with an inscription or its photo. Be not banal, stand out from the crowd of admirers. If you have more serious intentions, than just to suggest to meet, can buy the future bride the beautiful Golden Ring.

3. Before suggesting to meet, it is necessary to think over the scenario completely. Remember foreign movies in which men for hours rehearsed in front of the mirror as the proposal to the darling will look. Everything has to be thought over to trifles, up to color of strips on a tie!

4. Make offer official tone. Make an appointment not just like that, namely for this conversation. Your proposal should not sound for a moment, casually. It has to be the concrete, said rigid steady voice which is not assuming the answer ""no"".

5. Prove to it that it is impossible to refuse you. Prepare for this event in advance. Let future girl will estimate all your merits, your care, your moral foundations. You have to become its ideal of which she dreamed all the life.

6. Your task to show to the girl that having responded ""yes"" to your offer, she will never be unfortunate, will always be favourite and desired. But notice that you long time bore the decision to offer the girlfriend of as the boyfriend, she needs time for thought too. She can answer you ""no"" or ""I need to think"". You have to make any its decision with advantage, it is its choice. Be worthy, give it time, and having seen what you the wonderful person, she will answer ""yes"".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team