How to make the man happy

How to make the man happy

That the man became the happiest, the woman in love is ready to make a lot of things, happiness - though an abstract concept, but consists it of concrete things. Everything that is necessary for the man, already is in each woman, just remember it and be ready to apply at your first meeting.


1. You love - it is the first and basic rule for creation of happiness. If in you there is this fine feeling, then it will be much simpler and more pleasant to make all the rest to you. Moreover, many things will occur by itself.

2. Respect the man, you appreciate his opinion, its personal space and interests. All this is very important, but if you criticize all its undertakings, to interfere with something, then your man will see in you foreign person who holds down and makes him unfortunate.

3. Be so kind as, are soft and honest. It has to concern not only darling, but also all people, to all events. Bitches, though attract some men, but hardly they make them happy.

4. Do not forget about yourself, be purposeful and vigorous. The woman who does not lag behind the man feeds it with the new ideas and inspires – whether it is a dream. When you listen to the darling, he with pleasure learns all your news, and will be very glad if you are able to tell something bigger, than the last gossips from life of girlfriends and a story about preparation of a dinner.

5. Self-confidence gives rise to unique charm, and the combination of confidence and modesty is an amazing cocktail which will captivate any man. Try to find in yourself this golden mean which does not turn into self-confidence or stiffness.

6. Develop in yourself mind and sense of humour. These are those qualities which sometimes are key at creation of the relations. When the woman can estimate jokes of the man and, at the same time, can make laugh him, many problems in misunderstanding evaporate by itself, and on heart becomes easy and quiet.

7. Look after yourself. Even if with everything listed you are all right, it is not an occasion to forget about the appearance. You watch the body, softness of skin, a condition of the person. It is necessary first of all for you, you will be happy to possess fine data. Men very much like women who love themselves, admire themselves, and then and they will not resist.

8. If you manage to build a cozy warm nest in your house, coming to which the man will forget about all problems, will relax and will be loaded new to forces, he will be happy. But if you feel freely and cheerfully in the company of his friends if you are able to organize a party properly and at the same time most to be in it directly involved, the prices to you will not be.

9. Sexual life – an important component of all relations therefore in it it is also necessary to try and develop. You do not approach sex excessively seriously, let it will remain a favourite game in different genres and with different roles. Be open and susceptible to new. Sexual yoga, erotic massage, joint campaigns on hastl – be not afraid to learn something new, be different, and to your man will not even occur to be fond of someone else, he will be happy near you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team