How to make the plan of the life

How to make the plan of the life

Life - as the twisting road: turn to the left, to the right. That know what waits behind the next turn, simplify the life, having made the personal plan. Yes, the personal plan of life! The first thought – it is very easy, but when it comes to a leaf and the handle, many begin to think and cannot accurately define the purposes. How to make the plan of the life further to follow it?


1. The schedule dnyautry early for work, and you cannot leave the panel, trying to check all programs. Time passed after midnight, and all of you still think of morning rise, and diligently try not to fall asleep to get up with the heavy head and gloomy thoughts in the morning. Why do you act this way? That in the morning in case oversleep, there was a justification? Or, to save up more negative until in a dozing state you reach the place of work? In this situation all win, except you. What will be if differently it is rational to perceive a situation and to construct the day? Having fallen asleep till ten in the evening, you with ease will wake up at six in the morning well rested, vigorous and in good mood. Good morning loads with energy for all day! It is the first step to planning of life.

2. We make the schedule on to densostavit the plan for the rest of life at once – a task impracticable. But, to aspire to bigger, the small purposes are necessary. Carrying out their one for another, you gradually carry out the most grandiose plan. The first purpose - planning of working week. Even to performance of this purpose, the beginner will need to reflect two three days. But it is not necessary to think too long, otherwise you will spend a lot of time in vain. Sometimes, the most difficult stage is a writing of thoughts on paper.

3. We make the plan rabotyodny of widespread problems of planning, especially beginners have a Stakhanov approach. In the plan of works, beginners include all tasks and plans which in a consequence, it is impossible to execute, because of lack of time at once. The first rule of planning: we make the plan half. It is impossible to provide everything, and leaving time for unforeseen affairs, you will be able to manage to carry out also the planned tasks. And if the work involving all hands did not happen, colleagues did not distract, and you had unused time, safely be accepted to performance of tasks which planned the next day. If were tired and there is no desire, can make to yourself an indulgence and have a rest a little, but do not abuse, otherwise the lump of unresolved problems will overtake you again.

4. The plan as sekretsostavly the plan, always count only on the forces. The less associates, the quicker carry out conceived. You with ease will make decisions only for yourself, in case of failure, it will not be necessary to look for guilty persons, in case of success, you will only get all glory. The less people know about your plans, the chance is higher that to you they will not be spoiled.

5. Realize conceived by small parts, and it is imperceptible for itself you will make great progress!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team