How to make the proposal to the woman if she is 10 years more senior

How to make the proposal to the woman if she is 10 years more senior

If you want to make a proposal of marriage to the woman who is more senior than you for 10 years, consider that it is necessary for her absolutely not that to 20-year-old girls. We will prompt that it is necessary to make that your offer was accepted!

You meet the beautiful woman and already ripened to suggest to make her the proposal, you already understand that you dreamed of such companion of life! But there is one nuance: she is more senior than you for 10 years. As the heroine of the old movie "Also Did Not Dream You …" spoke: "I am more senior than you on the whole school!" The main thing that it did not confuse either your darling, or you. By the way, such marriages are fashionable now. But what to you put to fashion when emotions gush forth?

What to consider?

And so, it is necessary only to find out, how exactly to make to darling a proposal of marriage? It is necessary to think up something original! However you should not go too far and sing the serenade with symphonic orchestra under its window. Ask why? The fact is that such extravagant act would be to the taste to the young young lady inclined to display behavior and more wishing to declare to the whole world: "This man – mine!". Ladies are more senior already well know what they want, and close attention of strangers at so touching moment as the proposal, is only capable to confuse them. So, you need the romantic, chamber atmosphere!

What to tell?

Besides the main part: "Be my wife!", it is necessary to deliver also some opening speech? Certainly! And here different women will be "hooked" by absolutely different things. In 20 years the girl is eager to hear from you a promise to carry her on hands, in 25 – assurances that you allow it to live as there is a wish. With age the fair sex begins to appreciate absolutely other promises … Assure her that with you to it will be quiet, reliable and good – notorious "absolutely safe". Well and, by itself, words should not disperse from business!

Where and how?

Of course, your proposal has to be remembered! Any woman does not want you to approach her in kitchen with words in the morning: "Make to me to tea. And, by the way, marry me". Try to create more romantic situation! There are several ideas: • simple option: a dinner at restaurant and a ringlet at the bottom of a glass with champagne. Not bad, but it is worth approaching carefully the choice of restaurant – in it there should not be too many visitors (remember that we wrote above about crowd of observers), but let an institution will be rather luxurious; • traditional: a bouquet of flowers with the enclosed card "Become my wife!" It is possible to make a little in a different way: to order cake with a similar inscription. But it is necessary to hand a bouquet or cake most, but not to order delivery; • original: invite darling to walk astride horses, and at a well-chosen moment get a box with a ring. You can invite her to sweep by the boat, but in this case you watch that the box did not fall overboard, and suddenly drop that for nervousness. Believe if to try and approach proposal with soul, your darling will remember this day well!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team