How to make the romantic proposal

How to make the romantic proposal

You made the decision to make to the darling a proposal of marriage. But how to make it? It is necessary to remember that can influence the answer of the girl also a surrounding situation and how you will tell these treasured words. This moment - one of the most disturbing in life both therefore it has to be filled with positive solemn mood.

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1. A surrounding interior and the reigning atmosphere around you — one their major conditions helping to create mood. The place has to be associated with the pleasant memories connecting both of you. It is possible to make a start from character and temperament of your girl: if it is the romantic young lady with a regular life, then the restaurant with quiet music and VIP-places with a noise isolation will be appropriate. If the girl leads active lifestyle, then it can be joint parachute jump.

2. The following step will be how you will make the proposal. The recognition poetically read on the air of the known radio station can become the interesting idea. It is also possible to make the proposal under romantic music of the invited musicians in the restaurant hall with the muffled light.

3. The effect of surprise is very important. Order a limousine, seat girl in the car, previously having tied with a scarf it eyes. When you are on the place, count to three and remove a bandage that she saw a billboard with the question "Will You Marry Me?" the offer to marry is obliged to be special. Eighty percent of the girls who received the offer complain that it was deprived of an invention and romanticism. Do not upset the darlings.

4. A wreath of all action are the words told at this concerning moment. Avoid imperative and ridiculous phrases, such as "be my wife", "I want you to become my wife". It is better to ask your future wife, but before it tell that she means to you. The girl has to believe that you are that only thing with which all her life will be connected.

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