How to manage to be prepared for a wedding

How to manage to be prepared for a wedding

Preparation for a wedding - business responsible and labor-consuming. It will be remarkable if the bride finds to herself assistants between whom will divide duties. The most important is to remember that if something were not in time or forgot - it is not a reason for grief, it is remarkable day, and all unpleasant trifles will be forgotten soon.


1. As soon as submitted the application and precisely decided on date of a celebration, reserve the venue of a banquet. The cafe and restaurants take orders in advance, and in 1-2 months the date is already taken.

2. Then we select the host, the photographer, the video operator and musicians. They are busy persons therefore it is necessary to address them in advance.

3. In two months prior to a wedding we choose a dress. It sometimes long process because huge and to choose the range not so easily as it seems. Plus it is necessary to stock time for adjustment of a dress on a figure. Pay attention – if the bride is pregnant, then to be necessary to choose dresses on a lacing, or a free cut as a set of weight can be unexpectedly big.

4. Also not later, than in two months, we choose the makeup artist and the hairdresser. In salon it is better to come with the photo of a dress, so will select more simply a make-up and a hairstyle. We order cars, a bridal bouquet, a buttonhole to the groom and decoration of the hall.

5. A month before the wedding we order cake and we distribute invitations to guests. In the same time buy wedding rings.

6. In two weeks prior to a wedding once again discuss arrangements with all experts. It is a high time for purchase of various trifles, we do not forget about glasses for newlyweds.

7. A day before the wedding you ring round all participants of a celebration, you take away cake, a loaf and a bouquet. You implement the recommendations of the makeup artist and hairdresser. You charge the most important issues to the witness and the witness and also bridesmaids and the groom's friends. You collect rings and passports, you give to witnesses.

8. Sleep well vigorously to feel and to look perfectly

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