How to manipulate people?

How to manipulate people?

To a question of how to manipulate people, each person comes in the way: someone wants to strengthen the influence in the company, someone was tired of the fact that manipulate of the Main thing is to use psychological methods of manipulation only in those situations which really demand it and not to forget about humanity.

Manipulations in business communication

Most of men who became interested in how to learn to manipulate people seek to become more authoritative at work. In a business area both tricks, and a grasp are most often necessary to keep afloat. Let's consider popular psychological manipulations which I will help you to achieve the in a conversation with the business partner:

  1. Lulling to slip of vigilance. In the majority the people are incredibly vain and if you show very much respect and respect, remember merits of the business partner and express the delight about it, then he will apprehend the subsequent your requests most positively and is sympathetic. This technique is known long ago therefore it is necessary to use it carefully – in your words there should not be a falseness and pretense.
  2. False asking again. This method perfectly works as forces down the person from a thought. Its essence is simple: you ask again, but at the same time repeat only a part of a statement, and put that sense which it is necessary for you in the second part of a statement. At some training this method can be used to decline the opponent to the point of view. If you see that this equipment is used against you – just stop the manipulator and repeat the words without the meanings imposed to them.
  3. Deliberate haste. If you have to be given among the mass of information something that can be protested, this way can help you. You speak pretty fast, and, having told the fact necessary to you, quickly jump on other subject which has to interest your opponent. Without having managed to protest a key phrase at once, the person can forget about it at all, as it was required for you.
  4. The done favor. This manipulation is very simple: even if you for the first time see the business partner, show the friendly relation, conspiratorially, in a low voice recommend it the best for it option (actually, it will be the best for you). It is very important to pretend at the same time that you report some facts in confidence only because the partner won at once.
  5. The increased suspiciousness. You treat everything, told by the partner, with mistrust – and it is opened. It steadily causes desire to justify oneself in the person, and so far he is engaged in it, it is possible to help it to smooth a situation, prompting decisions, favorable to you.
  6. All these manipulations perfectly help to cope with negotiations and to reach the most favorable to you decisions.

How to manipulate the woman?

Surprisingly, but it is often much simpler to push business partners to the necessary decision, than how to manipulate the girl. It is connected with the fact that at women the intuition is very developed, they perfectly catch tone of a voice and views that allows them to read out information at the subconscious level. For this reason the best way of manipulation is good old lulling to slip of vigilance.

If you are attentive to its affairs, are tender in communication, will make small gifts from time to time – the girl herself will seek to concede to you in many respects, will be wanted to respond her service to service. In such look it is much simpler to build the relations, you can always count that your half will be sympathetic to your requests.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team