How to marry if he does not want to marry

How to marry if he does not want to marry

Any relations have to develop, reaching new level and to lead to mutual desire to enter a legal marriage. Quite often the man does not hurry to submit new steps and to make to the darling a proposal of marriage. The loving woman has to understand the reason of such behavior and try to bring the man to acceptance of the final decision.


1. Psychologically the man is ready to a legal marriage if he has strong confidence that it will be able to provide the family and to give to the woman all necessary. Most often material aspect of a question does not allow to make the proposal and to enter a legal marriage. Harsh reality of the modern world does not allow to hope for paradise in a tent.

2. Try softly, to explain financial side without special persistence. Explain that having started a family, you will be able to achieve all material benefits together. If you conduct joint economy, begin to save money for a wedding.

3. The man appreciates freedom and does not want to get married. Prove that you do not apply for it at all. Do not interfere with his communication with friends, do not limit the man in anything. Most of men, having understood that nobody applies for their freedom not against a legal marriage at all.

4. Establish confidential partnership. Most often the man marries not that woman to whom he feels strong passion. Long marriage is based on love, but an important role is played by mutual interests, the friendly relations, common goals. And hardly the man will want to lose it.

5. Hold your horses. Try to live together. Romantic meetings and joint life are absolutely different things. The household relations within one year clear up a lot of things. You and your man finally will understand, you need marriage or not.

6. If your main objective is indispensable desire to receive a stamp in the passport, present the man with a choice – either you leave, or your relations logically pass to a new step. Most of men become more active and begin to act only in extreme situations. If he loves you and its plans are not parting, it by all means will bring you into the REGISTRY OFFICE, and you surely begin to spin under the well-known wedding waltz by Mendelssohn.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team