How to marry if you have children

How to marry if you have children

Let presence of children will not be for you an obstacle in a way to a new marriage. For the woman it is very important to be near the beloved. And children feel better too in full family where understanding and love reigns.


1. If you want to adjust private life and to marry, do not refuse such prospect only because you have a child. For the real man who will fall in love with you and will want to connect to you destiny the presence at you of the son or daughter will not hinder. Your kid will not condemn mother too for the fact that she connected the life with other young man. The main thing is to choose the standing partner in life and it is correct to inform of a situation the child.

2. Explain to the child that time the father does not live with you, you can have a new friend. Your kid has to understand that to him do not try to change the father. Whenever possible this person forever will remain in his life. Tell that nobody will limit his communication with the parent.

3. When choosing the potential groom give preference to more mature men who are ready to marriage and presence of the child. Your elect should not be too young. Try to find the person with the serious attitude towards family, stable work and the general with you outlook.

4. Do not hide that you have a child. As soon as you feel that between you and nice to you the man came strong contact, suggest it to get acquainted with your kid. You do not press on the partner if you see that he doubts. Give him time. However very for a long time to you it is not necessary to tighten with a meeting of your beloved and your child too.

5. After your man and the child got acquainted, give them the chance to get used to each other. You spend three together more time, walk, play, get positive emotions. Pay attention as your elect treats your child. If you observe sincere sympathy and the joy of communication, everything is all right.

6. At creation of the relations with your elect it is important to you to pay attention to both the child, and darling. However, if your kid categorically does not accept your new acquaintance and even later certain time cannot find with it contact, it is impossible to release this situation on drift. You can make your child unfortunate if in your house there is a person unpleasant to it.

7. Remember that on you double responsibility for what person will become yours a spouse lies. Perfectly, if your man treats your child kindly. But if he considers him by a hindrance - without deliberating, move off in searches of the new partner.

8. Nothing terrible if your man already has children. If he brings up their one, means to you it is just necessary to acquaint and make friends your kids. Perhaps, in the future you will become one big, happy family.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team