How to marry the American

How to marry the American

The romantic story "as at cinema" can happen to anyone and anywhere. Once you accidentally drop a scarf, and it will be lifted by the nice American. Or you will meet at a show-window with eco-friendly products. Or he will get lost in the dormitory area of your city. But it is possible to wait for such wonderful meeting for many years. You how the true realist, you want to build destiny own hands? Act!


1. Train English. There is a set of the convenient free training programs and online self-instruction manuals. Listen to music in English, read books in the original, study the news websites of the American news agencies. Waste of time? Not at all. So you will lower a language barrier and will increase the chances of a pleasant conversation. You will save up a stock of foreign words. You learn to distinguish the American pronunciation from traditional English which was studied at school. Besides, you will be aware of news and "you will become impregnated" with current American problems. And it is a subject for communication with the potential groom.

2. The Internet remains most popular "meeting place" still. Investigate its potential thoroughly. Be registered at forums where international marriages are discussed. Pay attention, first of all, to the statements of the girls who married in America. They often share the stories, tell about features of a way of life of Americans. You have to are interested in various trifles: from working hours of grocery stores to traditions of carrying out national holidays. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Those who already passed this way for certain know where "acute angles" meet.

3. Expand a circle of virtual acquaintances. Forumchanki can present you the friend of the husband who spends in network much time. Naturally, American. Forums "on interests" - musical, reader's, fan – can also become the place for acquaintances and communication. Pen friends quite can meet and be pleasant further each other.

4. Post the questionnaire on a dating site. Of course, you remember that it is necessary to be careful. Check reputation of the marriage agency owning the website. Firmly refuse doubtful offers. Paying services, be convinced of their legality. Periodically check how the agency implements clauses of the contract, representing your interests. Make a magnificent photo and make the competent questionnaire.

5. At the same time do not stop search in the real world. Lead active lifestyle. Do not refuse business trips. Participate in professional conferences, trainings, trips on exchange of experience. Acquaintance will take place in the professional environment naturally. You from the very beginning will have common interests promoting communication continuation.

6. If finance allows – go to America on a tourist visa if do not allow – for temporary job. On a trip for you it will be important to learn as much as possible about everyday life of Americans, about those small differences which define their mentality and behavior. Try on on yourself mentally a role of the American wife with her usual efforts. Perhaps, you decide not to hurry in marriage for the American at all.

7. In your city there are marriage agencies too. Rules of the address to them the same, as in intermediary Internet services.

8. When acquaintance took place, and you "coincided", the relations will begin to develop according to the usual scenario of loving couple. If you have doubts in the man, it is better to continue search.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team