How to marry the beloved

How to marry the beloved

That hour when you understood that you found that prince charming came. Perhaps, it is not so ideal, kind of you wanted, but you are ready to be reconciled with all its shortcomings and defects. And having raised before itself a question of a marriage, your answer became categorical "yes". Only there is one considerable "but": your prince charming does not seek to make to you a proposal of marriage. In such situation it is worth not to hurrying and to properly think how to push him to a step, so responsible for it.


1. At first get acquainted with his parents. It is necessary to make so that you were pleasant to them. It is very important. Prove to be before them from the best sides. And if everything passes successfully, and you will be pleasant to them, then they will din to your beloved into the ears that such girl cannot be missed.

2. Show the to darling what you the economic girl. Men adore watching how their girls prepare, remove, wash and iron clothes. It is necessary that, looking at you he understood that such wife is very necessary to it. Men are "adult children" and without female hand they – as without hands. Seldom men who are able to prepare tasty for themselves meet, to remove and be washed qualitatively.

3. Caress, embrace and kiss your prince charming so that he wanted never to release you. But going with him to bed, you remember that it will hardly provoke the man to marry you. Neither a stamp in the passport, nor presence of the child, will tie any man. If he wants to leave you – he will not be held by no circumstances.

4. Begin to hint it at marriage quietly. Look how it will react to it. But if here you go too far, then can forever forget about marriage with this man. It is necessary to be such remarkable that darling himself suggested to walk to you in a registry office. You need to try only and at you surely everything will turn out.

5. If your beloved jealous, then do not take in head to kindle in him a jealousy flame. Why such checks if you already know what elect at you. Do not add fuel to the fire, and that burn down on this fire of separation. It will be offensive and very sick that everything so left.

6. Never you watch it – it is ugly and indecent. And if he feels that its freedom will begin to be limited – to you not to see a ring on a finger. Endow it with caress and warmth, understanding and love and then it from you will not get to anywhere.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team