How to marry the girlfriend

How to marry the girlfriend

Your close girlfriend was going to marry, and to you the role of the witness, of course, got. This really honorary title imposes also heavy responsibility, you should divide all prewedding efforts with the bride, in literal sense to marry the girlfriend.


1. After future groom does official proposal and date of a celebration is appointed, the bride is usually covered by the real prewedding fever. Especially it concerns those girls who prefer to do everything in advance and are perfektsionistka at heart. During this period the witness serves not only the faithful assistant in any affairs, but also the true psychologist.

2. Consider mood of the bride if you are going to start dialogue on pluses and minuses of family life. If you see fear or doubts in the words of future spouse, then surely emphasize what she will become happy when the real family life with darling begins. And if it seems to you that the bride is too blinded by the forthcoming celebration, then not superfluous will be to remember what lovely nonsenses you with her created earlier.

3. The most disturbing moment in prewedding preparation – the choice of a dress. Perhaps, on it several days will leave. You should go round with the bride all salons in the city, to check hundreds of catalogs and to help the girlfriend to try on dozens of dresses. You should not show irritations at all even if you rather got tired from the bride's whims.

4. Help the girlfriend with organizational issues or undertake them entirely. It is necessary to find the hairdresser, the makeup artist, the photographer, the operator, musicians, to order the car and the hall for a celebration. On search of the most favorable and qualitative options a lot of time can leave, and the bride should not be nervous once again if suddenly something is not taken.

5. On your shoulders also the duty "to lead" the bride from the world of the unmarried to the world of family life will lay down is to organize a hen party. If time allows, deal with this issue after the main organizational moments of a ceremony are already settled. Ineptly and at the wrong time the prepared party instead of a joyful surprise can turn back one more irritating factor.

6. If there are desire and opportunities, show an initiative, having undertaken completely trifles like acquisition of ribbons of witnesses, mailing of wedding invitations, decoration of cars in a wedding train, etc.

7. Before the wedding day try to lay down a bit earlier and to get enough sleep properly to be fully equipped since the morning. You should arrive the first in the house of the bride, to help it to gather and calm nerves. And at the same time you and most should manage to dress up and make up to look good. You have to plan the time in advance.

8. And the most important, as often as possible repeat to the girlfriend that she the most beautiful, the happiest, the most unusual and made unconditionally right choice. All efforts will become for certain much more pleasant, and you will be able easily to marry the girlfriend.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team