How to marry the man?

How to marry the man?

For anybody, a secret that practically each woman dreams to start a family sooner or later, to become the legal wife and to give rise in happy marriage of the child. After the long love and romantic relations even the most modern and emancipated person willy-nilly begins to think that in marriage nevterpezh. But here is how to marry the man, even loved and loving, not everyone knows. We in this material will give several advice on this burning topic.

Why men, strong and courageous, so to be afraid of marriage? Fear of responsibility, fear to lose even if imaginary freedom, fears that marriage will be unsuccessful. … All these reasons are important and significant, however representatives of a weak floor, strangely enough, in this delicate question are much more resolute. And therefore we advise to take occasion by the forelock. And it is simple to make it, precisely knowing as bachelor to force to marry!

Young ladies silly, impatient and short-sighted resort to blackmail, threats, pressure. Believe, got married in such way costs also a copper penny, it will hardly be durable. The skill top – to help the man most to understand that you – his destiny, and only by means of a legal marriage he will be able to hold such happiness near himself! You should not know how to force to be married, much more effectively not to force, and to lead softly to such decision!

Such natural course of things guarantees the long, sincere and happy relations.

How to force darling to marry voluntarily?

  1. You praise it more often, and in public and when you only together, but only for the real achievements and advantages. Do it sincerely, but do not belittle at the same time and the talents.
  2. Continue to flirt and make advances to it, even months and years of the relations later. If you really sincerely love, then will not be lazy to draw attention of darling, making advances to it.
  3. It is not necessary to be obsessed too with object of dreams, it has to realize that in your life there are both another matters and hobbies.
  4. It is not necessary to be too persistent in questions of marriage – it will only frighten off the potential husband. Let it know that you dream of the offer and a wedding, but agree to wait a little until it ripens to this step.
  5. Let to it it will be comfortable near you. Do you remember the movie The Most Charming and Attractive? Follow wise Roxana's advice! Cook its favourite dishes, create a cosiness in your house, in every possible way emphasize the importance of the elect.
  6. Try to make so that people close to you spoke about your marriage more often, but not you are. In your interests to communicate more from it safely and happily married friends, than with people single. Let they, seeing obvious harmony of your couple, hint your potential partner in life more often that it would be time also a wedding otgulyat!
  7. If your darling – not potential Othello, makes sense to flirt absolutely a little with other admirers, even to accept from them rather innocent courtesies. Thereby you will show the popularity. Let your elect value you, is afraid to lose and understands that he not one – the applicant for your love, a hand and heart.
  8. It makes sense to disappear occasionally from his life, at least for two-three days. It is necessary to disappear for the serious reasons – a business trip, a disease of the girlfriend, important issues. Let he will be bored for a while and potoskut without you a little.

How to force the guy to marry, is written much. But the main recommendation sounds so – do not tighten with a civil marriage! It can pass into the slow relations from which it will be very difficult to escape. Over time even the brightest love can fall a victim of notorious life. And here wedding efforts and the roles of parents which are coming in the future will not allow it to happen.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team