How to marry the Swede

How to marry the Swede

The Swedish men are considered as ideal husbands. They do not divide homework into men's and women's, always willingly undertake a part of economic cares. Besides, they are laconic, obedient, sentimental, basic also the most important, are reliable. Therefore many Russian women dream to catch in the Swede's husbands.


1. One of ways to get acquainted with the man from Sweden is the trip to this safe country. Its pluses – the fact that you are really convinced of all advantages of life in this country you will admire its beauty, confirm the desire to return here as the wife. From minuses is that it is necessary to be spent for a trip, and it is quite unprofitable. Then you will only spend the night in hotel, and in the afternoon all the time are loaded by excursions. Though the true Swedes will also go by you, but how in such haste with them to get acquainted?

2. The second way quite quite good, but it it is not always possible to realize. It is good to have the married girlfriend in Sweden which will find to you the candidate among acquaintances of the husband. You could go to visit to it by the invitation and, perhaps, you would have relations with this person who was picked up by the girlfriend.

3. The following method – appeals to marriage agencies of the city. Usually they will make to you a portfolio, will offer translation service. All correspondence will pass through them. If you interest any foreigner, will help to organize a meeting. All these services are paid most often by the potential groom.

4. There is one more way. For today it is the most widespread. It is acquaintance online. Here you approach business very deliberately. The most important is to choose the decent, serious website. Besides, it is necessary to know a foreign language. But, as a last resort, it is possible to ask acquaintances or to address to services on the translation.

5. To recognize the person, communicate to him virtually some time. Do not break at once on the first offer to fly to a meeting. It is other country, other customs. Happens, on the websites inadequate grooms come across. Be careful. If someone interested you, try to learn more about its way lives, a financial condition, existence of housing. It is good that it sent you on an elektronka the photos, but not only full face and a profile, and where it in the house, near the house, with friends, relatives, maybe, even at work. Then you will have more reliable impression about it.

6. And if it seems to you that the person with whom you got acquainted corresponds to all your criteria, then it is worth continuing acquaintance. Perhaps, it valid your destiny.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team