How to meet children

How to meet children

Acquaintance to children of friends or relatives – not always simple process. Children argue a little differently, than adults therefore it is necessary to be prepared for this meeting well further quickly to find a common language with the child.


1. In advance take an interest at the child's parents, how old is he, than he likes to do in the spare time and also as reacts to a meeting with strangers. So you will be able to be prepared better for your first meeting, to think how to you to behave at this moment and as you will begin a conversation with the child.

2. Try to combine your acquaintance to some entertainment in which the child will be able to take part. For example, you can meet in a zoo, circus, to go to the cinema together or to visit cafe. In this case the child it will be constant in good mood, and you will be able to feel more freely during the conversation. Also you will be able to find without problems a subject for a conversation, for example, to discuss heroes of the animated film, together to choose tasty delicacy, etc.

3. Surely give the child a small gift. It can be a toy or sweet. If you precisely know his hobbies, can present, for example, new chess set, the interesting book, etc. If you together are in cafe, do not hesitate to ask the child about what is pleasant to it from food and that he would like to order.

4. Take an interest how there are affairs at your new acquaintance that interesting happened to him lately. Life of the child is most often very active, and he can quite tell you amusing cases from school life, communication with peers, etc. Do not forget to praise it – it very much is pleasant to children.

5. Tell the child something interesting about you. For example, describe your car, the countries which you visited your profession. Let the child will ask you that it is most of all interesting to him. You can even take with yourself some souvenirs, for example, shells, a collection of pebbles, mascots and other small objects. Present something from this to your new interlocutor.

6. Do not stand aside and try to participate in all occupations of the child during the meeting with it. If he sat down to play machines, join a game. Drive together on a roundabout, do some shooting in a dash, etc. Remember that it is important to child to feel that you are "on one wave" with it. In this case he will cease to experience constraint and slight fear, and you will be able to know better him and to understand how it is the best of all to build communication. Also you remember that on the first time you should not take away too for a long time the child from his parents or peers, otherwise over time he nevertheless will get bored and can begin to worry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team