How to meet darling at the airport

How to meet darling at the airport

If resorts of the spouse are visited in common, then the husband should fly to a business trip alone. Pleasant it is possible to make to darling, having met him upon return directly at the airport.


1. Surely agree that you will meet darling at the airport in advance. If you do not wish to contact roaming, it is possible to agree about it prior to the business trip. Otherwise your spouse can decide that after an arrival it is necessary to go home at once, and, without having noticed you among meeting, will go to look for the bus or the taxi. In advance learn date, arrival time and also the flight number. If something from this changes, to do without use of expensive services of roaming it will not turn out.

2. To go to meet darling follows not empty-handed. Take food and drinks from those which are preferred by your husband. On the plane though feed, but it is rather poor. Also prepare large, well noticeable plate with his name and a surname. Elegantly put on. Do not forget to capture the mobile phone: when darling arrives, he will be not in roaming any more, and in a house zone, and surely will call you. Do not take any kolyushche-cutting objects, even cuticle scissors - examination at the airport is sometimes made also before an entrance to the arrival hall.

3. The house leave in advance, taking into account possibility of traffic jams. Even if you will go to the subway, the stopper can arise on the site from the station of destination to the airport. Besides, sometimes trains of the subway stop in the middle of a tunnel for a while to half an hour. If, having arrived, you are not able to find the arrival hall, ask an appropriate question to any security guard.

4. In the arrival hall the board on which flight numbers and exact times of landing are specified is located. At the time of landing it is necessary to rise from a bench and to lift the plate. It is necessary to stand with it of five minutes to half an hour, depending on an emergence delay on the conveyor of baggage, turn length for passing of passport control (if the business trip was foreign). Having waited for the husband, do not hide the emotions - rush to him to embraces. Then the good mood will be provided to both him, and you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team