How to meet future wife

How to meet future wife

In one old joke the successful rich person as he achieved it, answers a question that the good wife got to it. It is a joke, but in it there is a grain of truth. For this reason the problem - how to meet future wife how to make out the half among many others for single men remains current.


1. The man puts very many criteria in the concept "good wife". Define for yourself those which have to be present surely at the lady of your heart. However psychologists claim that at those women who do not remain alone the large role is played not by(with) appearance and character, but internal state.

2. Choose the future wife from those who at all advantages possess the basic - modesty. She can be magnificently beautiful, talented and clever. But if at all this set of positive characteristics she publicly parades herself - with her it will be very heavy. And all these qualities will grow dim in comparison with this main shortcoming. Such women, as a rule, are very often dissatisfied on any circumstance. This gentleman not of high growth, and another - is insufficiently rich. The same will proceed also in family life. Any discontent can develop into the conflicts.

3. Among all pretenders to a role of future wife choose that who appreciates the man and considers him initially stronger in every respect. The union with such lady will be strong, and the relations - harmonious. Everyone will carry out the role, in family there will be no competition, so - reasons for quarrels.

4. Choose the rational woman as the wife. Tu who appreciates earned does not spend money for excess objects and to make thrifty use of things. With it your welfare will grow and be increased.

5. For the good family relations it is necessary to be able to joke in time, including of himself, to give a charge of cheerfulness and a positive the to a half. Choose to yourself the woman with the developed sense of humour, at the time of failures and falling she will support you and will help to cope with a negative situation.

6. Look around - how many such women daily meet on your way. There is a lot of them, and among them surely there will be your second half. It is necessary to look and listen to the heart only more attentively. It will surely prompt you the correct option.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team