How to meet the bride's parents

How to meet the bride's parents

Marriage is not only the union of two loving people. Also this association of families from the groom and the bride. Acquaintance all the same will happen sooner or later and often a number of requirements is imposed to the groom. How it is correct to meet the bride's parents?


1. First of all the groom needs to take care of the appearance. Regardless of which he adheres to style, the clothes have to be clean, tidy and ironed. It is not necessary to put on a classical suit if it is not a constant subject of clothes of the groom. Subsequently it is all the same to become clear. Therefore you should not give yourself for the one whom the groom is not.

2. It is not necessary to go to far in spirits and deodorants. It is better to be limited to hygiene of a body and purity of clothes. If there is a strong wish, it is possible to add couple of drops of favourite perfume just so that it was unostentatious.

3. Whether gifts and pleasant surprises for parents are necessary? If there is such opportunity, then they are necessary. It is previously best of all to ask that the bride's mother loves. And suddenly she has an allergy to flowers or she does not love sweet? To avoid an unpleasant embarrassment, it is worth being prepared in advance. In the first meeting it is better to be limited in flowers or candies for the bride's mother. You should not give expensive gifts, but also it is awkward to come empty-handed.

4. It is possible to bring something baked, the groom's mother, and thus, to win not only, but also to the mother. In absentia she will begin to be respected and will kindly be adjusted on coming acquaintance. You should not give a gift to the father of family. It is considered bad form. He will feel awkwardly and something obliged to the future son-in-law. The father has to feel comfortably in the house and to be the head of the family.

5. It is not necessary to complain to parents of the bride, it is better to express gratitude for what wonderful daughter they brought up if it so. Such approach will dispose parents to the groom.

6. Also to you it is not necessary to burden with something in the first day of acquaintance the future relatives. About something to ask, to consult. It is better to leave it on at times when the interconnection is established, and trusting relationship will be established.

7. To cause trust of parents of the bride it is necessary to tell about himself the truth, of course without excess details. To look at reaction of the bride, future father-in-law and mother-in-law, and in time to stop if it is necessary. Better during the conversation to be oneself. To show the best sides, without excess boasting.

8. To answer questions of future father-in-law and mother-in-law. If on any question there is no definite answer, then it is necessary and to tell: "I do not know. Did not solve yet. I think of it" - it is better, than to blurt out nonsense by which will estimate the groom as the personality. The known fact that during a stressful situation, the person can not understand what he speaks about, then he can not remember the conversation even. While people around take offense at it, without knowing that he was excited.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team