How to meet the husband from a distant trip

How to meet the husband from a distant trip

After long separation the meeting with the husband wants to be made special and unique. But all people different, everyone likes something special therefore it is very important to foresee what he will need most of all. Perhaps, he will like your creative ideas, and he can, having got tired from the trip, will dream of how quicker to take a shower and to get enough sleep. Nobody can know your husband better you, it is possible to offer only some options of your long-awaited meeting.

Health of the husband

First of all, thinking over how to organize your meeting after separation, remember all details of its trip. How many days it was absent houses, transport what to it should return, the amount of time which is taken away on rest – all this is of very great importance. For example, very tired man will hardly be pleased by the wife who met him in openwork linen. In this case care and attention, a heat bath and a quiet dream will be a perfect meeting for it.

Festive atmosphere

Treat business creatively – place on all house balloons, a garland from hearts, place flowers and candles. It will tell that you are glad to his arrival, is louder than any words.

It is possible to draw the poster and to hang up it so that it was evident to the husband at once. On it you can congratulate the husband on return or tell about how you waited and missed it. If you have children, they can also participate in it. Their drawings on a subject as they waited for the father, will add to a meeting of warmth and tenderness. If the trip of your husband was not too tiresome and he is full of strength, then it is possible to involve him in a romantic game. Hang out on the apartment of an arrow with descriptions of actions which he has to make to achieve an ultimate goal. For example, it is possible to begin with that the man took a shower, then to send it to the living room behind the clean clothes which are in advance prepared by you, then to kitchen where it will be waited by a tasty lunch, and further actions depend on your imagination.

Traditional way to the beloved heart

The saying is known to all: "The way to heart of the man lies through his stomach". Psychologists completely agree with it, according to them, aroma is fresher than some home-made pastries a trouble-free way to please the husband. If you not the lover to potter in kitchen, then it is possible to order food at favourite restaurant. The bottle of good wine will be not superfluous. Try to issue a dinner in a special way. Choose beautiful ware, a cloth, napkins, put flowers, light candles. Let's the man relax and have a rest from work and a household talk, let the talk will be small and romantic.

Beautiful stranger

Undoubtedly, the main person whom the husband dreams to see is you. A seductive dress in that case – what is necessary. It is possible to arrange role-playing games, having met the husband in an image of the coquettish nurse or exotic geisha. You pleasantly surprise with it and blow his mind. It is sometimes rather simple to change image, having changed a hairstyle, hair color or the habitual make-up to bring a fresh note in your relations, It is possible to get to his arrival a beautiful new thing, for example, an elegant cocktail dress in which you will look charmingly. Show imagination and your husband will dream of you throughout all trip, hurrying with impatience there where it is loved and waited.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team